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Website Design Questionnaire
Planning and research are the key to developing a successful website. The following questionnaire will help you and our staff determine your needs and objectives prior to designing your site. After you submit your questionnaire, a member of our staff will contact you.
First Name: Last Name:
Email: Phone Number:
Company Name: Company Address:
By what date would like to launch your site?

1. Purpose

2. Description
Please give a brief description of your business. Include what you
do or make and who your customers are:

3. Audience
Who do you expect your site visitors to be?

4. Main page
What would you like on your main page? (ex. pictures, product
infortmation, testimonials, news)

5. Sections
Please check any that you feel should be included in your website:

6. Model Sites/Designs
(a) COLOR: List one or more other sites that show us the color
combinations you like:

(b) LOOK AND FEEL: List one or more other sites with a "look and
feel" that you want for your site:

(c) ORGANIZATION AND LAYOUT: List one or more other sites
that have a similar organization (navigation) and layout to
the one you want to develop:

(d) FEATURES: List the features that you would like the website to
provide to your visitors. To help us understand better, please indicate
a sample site where you saw the feature (ex. shopping cart, security):

(e) OTHER: List any other sites you like or dislike and the reasons why:

7. Administration
Please list all the features/facilities that you would require as
site administrator:

8. Content
(a) TEXT: Which of the following describes the availability
of text content for your site?

(b) GRAPHICS: Do you have any graphics/logos/pictures that you
would like to use?

9. Contacts
Please provide a list of your employees who will serve as contacts on
this project. Include their email addresses and phone numbers.

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