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FunctionOne partners with clients to discover, implement and manage technology solutions based on their unique needs and future goals.

We offer a variety of information technology services including IT consulting and support, network security and recovery, and customizable software solutions. FunctionOne makes technology work for businesses.

IT Consulting      Managed Services      Web Design      Software Development


Reduce Your IT Costs:
Our experts will alleviate the need for in-house IT employees. Say goodbye to recruitment costs, onboarding, wage and fringe costs, and other human resource issues when you outsource your IT work to FunctionOne. Partnering with us can significantly reduce your overall IT costs.

Enjoy Efficient IT Systems:
Our team will help prevent lengthy installation and costly downtime. Outsourcing your IT allows your business to operate normally and focus on what matters the most, your customers and profitability. And we never call in sick or take vacation time.

Allow Yourself More Focus On Your Business:
Our FunctionOne experts have decades of IT experience. We will recommend what works best for your business and regularly update you on your network's status. Instead of worrying about your IT system, you can focus your time and energy on growing your business.

Reduce Your Risk:
Our experts will partner with your team to create a risk assessment for your business. We will then provide the seamless IT integration with the support you need whenever you need it.

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